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What’s most important in selecting a POS system?

Posted on February 16th, 2018

The most important factors in selecting a POS system are the ease of use, flexibility, support, and the ability to specifically match it to the needs of your business. There are certainly many options to choose from in POS systems and no two are exactly alike which makes it a difficult decision to make. So, let’s talk about what is really important so your decision becomes easier to choose the right system for you.

The first thing to look at is the ease of use. Is it easy to understand and designed specifically to do the functions your business requires? A POS system must have the flexibility to handle many tasks, so it must be flexible and functional. It should have software that is set up to respond to the user and not to the hardware. It should also have the ability for staff and management to perform functions required from any station for processing orders, menu changes, or running reports.

The customer experience is vital to any business. The design of your system must have the ability to follow the customer experience from every point of contact. This may include reservation policies, managing waiting lists, transferring sales activities from one area to another, adapting to special requests, and delivering a final bill with split tabs and different payment methods. A properly designed system can make your experience a great one. Choose the system that allows your business to work the way it is supposed to.

How good is your customer support? No one ever wants to have a problem with their POS system. However, there will be unforeseen issues you did not count on, like power outages, hardware failures, or printer issues. Quality service is important when deciding on a POS system. Your service representative should be a partner with your business and available when you need assistance.

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