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Quick and easy with Online Ordering

Posted on February 14th, 2018

How many times have mistakes occurred when your staff takes an inbound call to place an order to go on a busy night? The customer picks up an order and finds the order is wrong. They call back to the restaurant and question why they didn’t get what they asked for. It has certainly happened to many of us. There is a solution with Online Ordering.

Online Ordering is one of the fastest growing POS concepts and takes customer service and profits to a new level. The capabilities are endless, and the ordering process can come directly through your POS system and straight to your receipt printer. Imagine being able to go to your website, look over the menu, and order straight from your computer.

When customers order online, they take their time and look over the entire menu. They can view pictures of your menu items and are more enticed to order appetizers, desserts, and salads. On average, the typical customer will order over 25% more and know they are getting exactly what they want – it’s less time, fewer mistakes, and more profit.

Value Systems is available 24/7 to assist you with customer support. All of our technical support is in house and offer local support throughout our area. Call us today to learn more about Online Ordering and all things POS.

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